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Keukenhof Holland – 1,4 million Visitors

22 May 2017

The Keukenhof is closed on Sunday 21st May. With 200,000 visitors in 2017 more than last year a peak season.

Keukenhof closed on May 21 with a record. Visitors appreciated the flower show with an 8.9. As many as 1.4 million people visited the park, 200,000 more than the year before. The organization makes its satisfaction with the result, which is also thanks to the beautiful, cool spring, which resulted in eight weeks of full bloom.

KeukenhofKeukenhof Durchschnittsalter

The mean age was significantly lower than in previous years. Younger visitors Keukenhof experience more and more like a trendyer park for a fun day among the flowers.

100 countries

Visitors came from around 100 countries. The growth in the number of visitors coming from other countries. The top five remained unchanged. 20% of visitors come from the Netherlands. 40% of our neighbors. From remote countries, Keukenhof received 120,000 Americans and 90,000 Chinese. Visitors from Eastern Europe, Russia and South America also grew.

Big investment

Keukenhof invested heavily last year in a new entrance building and a new parking lot. So the river for parking was not worse than in previous years. Only four days of annoying traffic jams. These are the days with more than 45,000 visitors and the Easter and May 1 (Labor Day)

Keukenhof 2018

Keukenhof 2018 is open from 22 March to 13 May. The 2018 theme is romance.

Source: Keukenhof

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