Van Dooren Transport

Transport plastic containers (crates) for Flowerbulbs, Plants, Fruit and Vegetables

22 August 2017

foto: KPI

Van Dooren Transport carries thousands of lily craters every year for the flowerbulb sector, tree production, fruit and vegetables production. We load daily at the various crates factories in the Netherlands and the border region Germany-Netherlands and Belgium-Netherlands. These crates are often used for storage and also for the export. Through our daily transports to / from the border region of Germany-Netherlands and Belgium-Netherlands, Westland, Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg, Naaldwijk, Hillegom, Lisse, The North of Holland, we can Switch quickly and provide our customers with necessary crates.  

Factories where we load often:

  • KPI (Kennemer Plastic Industrie) in Wieringerwerf (NL-1771)
  • Twinpack (Noordwijkerhout NL-2211)
  • Beekenkamp Verpakkingen (Maasdijk NL-2676)
  • Ringoplast GmbH (Ringe D-49824)
  • Bekuplast GmbH (Ringe D-49824)
  • Hollarts Plastic Group B.V. (Didam NL-6942)
  • Didak Injections (Grobbendonk B-2280)

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