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Van Dooren Transport supports Tulip Store fundraising campaign for Kiev

19 October 2022

Next spring, 150,000 tulips will bloom in Kiev’s Dobrop Park. A fundraising campaign yielded this number of tulips within two weeks. The initiator is Michel de Bruine of Tulip Store.


Dobropark is a large 300-hectare flower show that opened its gates in 2020. The owner and director of this park were guests at the Tulip Store Showgarden in Voorhout last spring. When Tulip Store initiator Michel de Bruine heard that bulbs could hardly be planted this autumn, he decided to start a fundraising campaign. 

“Because of the war, there were no visitors in Dobropark last spring and therefore no money to make new purchases. Of course, it would be great if people could still enjoy Dutch tulips next spring, hopefully in peace. Fantastic to experience that many growers and other companies are very happy to participate in this action,” said Michel de Bruine, owner Tulip Store.

Destruction of main building

Another major setback for the park was the destruction of the main building. Dobropark director Viktoria Ryzhkova says: “Russian troops stayed in our park for more than a month. When they left the park last 4 April, they completely destroyed the main building. We are incredibly happy with this action from the Netherlands.”

Processing tulip bulbs

Next week, all bulbs will be collected from participating growers free of charge by Van Dooren Transport from Hillegom. All bulbs will be processed and prepared at Tulip Store’s location in Lisse. Beelen Verpakkingen will provide the cardboard boxes to be used. Local employment agency NWH Jobs shares in the cost of processing. 

In a fortnight’ time, the bulbs will be transported to Kiev where they will be planted immediately. The following companies are participating in this unique action: C.Th.M. Ammerlaan, Beelen Verpakkingen, Boltha, Van Dooren Transport, A.A. Duineveld, Wed. A. van Haaster, Kesteloo, J. Th. Kreuk, Ligthart, NWH Jobs, Rotteveel Burgerbrug, J&W. van der Slot, Van der Slot Tulips, Tulip Store, QJ. Vink, Worldflower and W. van Lierop.

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