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Van Dooren Transport – Our History

The history of the transport company brings us back to the year 1895. Dirk van Dooren was at the time stallholder & coach in Hillegom. As a coach of, among others, the Mayor and other wealthy people, Dirk van Dooren starts his own business. In 1908, J.G. Van Dooren is his own company. This is evidenced by the data of the Chamber of Commerce. Van Dooren’s have been active in the transport of persons and goods for a long time. The hundred-year existence of J.G. Van Dooren was therefore a good starting point for a book about the history of the transport company. It has become a book in which besides facts there is also a lot of attention for the company’s “human side”. With numerous anecdotes about events that have been happening in all those years. Of course, this is just a grab of the vast amount of information that has been archived from archives and recorded from the mouths of many concerned. Much of the data and illustrations are outdated by Trudy van Dooren-Lamboo, who has been a terrier in the history of her in-laws. Among other things, she spent several hours in various municipal papers and she was also welcome in the archives of Stichting Vrienden van oud Hillegom. All of this gives a special view of the impressive history of the family company J.G van Dooren, which can be counted as one of the oldest family companies in the Duin and Bollen region.

Below you will find a grip from the book ‘More than a century Van Dooren Transport’. The book is also available in the bookstore in Hillegom & Anna Paulowna or ordered from us for 17.95 euro (ex shipping). You can send an email to 

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